AromAssistant Plus - an advanced tool for the serious aromatherapist

AromAssistant Plus - an advanced tool for the serious aromatherapist


A tool for organizing your aromatherapy world!

AromAssistant Plus is an enhanced digital tool that organizes your favorite aromatherapy recipes and aromatherapy inventory, including chemical constituents and applications. It is intended for the serious aromatherapy student or aromatherapist needing a way to organize his/her studies or business. AA+ is powered by Airtable, a free, easy-to-use online database accessible through your web browser or through an app on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Airtable allows you to fully customize AromAssistant Plus and make it your own! Getting set up is easy—you’ll be blending and creating in no time!



  • Track your aromatherapy inventory...oils, carriers, and more.

  • Track the chemistry of specific oils and their associated therapeutic properties.

  • Build your aromatherapy recipe collection.

  • Track your clients and client interactions.

  • Organize, sort, search, group and filter according to ingredients, benefits and safety.

  • Access records 24/7 from your desktop computer, smartphone, tablet.

  • Determine safe dilution rates with built-in drop calculator.

  • Customize the tool to meet your specific needs.

  • Find technical support in our Facebook User’s Group.
  • AA+ does not come prefilled with data---you enter your own!
  • Terms of Purchase

    Your purchase of AromAssistant entitles you to download one copy of the tool for your use. Sharing download information with others is strictly prohibited.


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